Design Tricks That Will Make Any Room Look Way Bigger Part 1

Dated: September 18 2020

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Homes just seem to be getting bigger and bigger these days; it probably makes you look around your home and wonder how you can open up your space, especially if you have had more children or pets added to your family over the years. Instead of knocking down walls, you can create an illusion of space in each room, so you don’t feel so crowded. 

While you might not have the biggest square footage, you can make people think that you do. There are some fantastic ways to make your rooms feel bigger, and the first place to start is by deciding on what the function of each room. Follow these design tricks and your room will be open and welcoming in no time.

Select Your Room Accents Very Thoughtfully

Gwen Snyder Siegel, an interior designer, says that if you are living in a smaller home or an apartment that your rooms should be multi-functional. She also recommends using pieces around the space that are practical, and that will be used daily. 

She further explains that small spaces can’t take things that have no use as they will begin to clutter the room and make it feel smaller. So, it’s time to reinvent your small space and make it into the spacious dream home you’ve always wanted. 

Start With Your Wall Color

Starting at the foundation of a space – the wall color. Picking the wrong color for a room can make it feel a lot smaller than it is. This reason alone is why you need to take time to make an informed paint color decision before covering your walls in it. 

A fool-proof way to make a small room appear larger is by choosing a light color. You have many options with light colors, and you don’t automatically have to choose white. You can choose from many neutral hues and even something like yellow. 


Making Your Ceiling Seem Higher

Once you’ve selected a paint color, this should already open up an area if you’ve made a good choice of shade, you can move onto the finishing of the room such as installing a crown molding. What is the point of adding this to a room?

Firstly, it is an attractive and elegant design choice to make your room look a lot more expensive. But, it also serves a purpose in making a room look bigger than it is. This illusion is due to it drawing the eye upwards and thus making your ceilings seem higher. 

Open Up The Space

Another tip to expand a small space is to leave the room with an open floor plan. We know that it might not be feasible for you to go and knock down entire walls in your home, but there is another option. You could remove a door that is unnecessarily dividing up spaces. 

For example, you could remove the door of your kitchen if it opens up onto your living area. It creates a better flow throughout the space and is ideal for entertaining guests. You’ll be able to interact with your guests and get things sorted for food. 

Rip Up The Dark Flooring

Instead of choosing dark flooring in your home, which is quite a dated style, choose lighter flooring. Darker flooring will make your space seem smaller than it is, and just like paint on the walls, the color of your floor has an impact on the size. 

If you opt for a lighter color floor, you will notice an immediate difference and feel like the room is significantly bigger than it was with the dark flooring. Light and bright is the name of the game and will create a beautiful space to start decorating. 

Consider Where You Hang Your Curtains

When starting to add accents to the room, such as furniture and fixtures, you need to consider the size of the room. If you want the room to seem more prominent, you’ll need to reconsider where you hang your curtains. 

Instead of placing your curtain rails right above your window, lift them higher to just a few inches below the ceiling. This illusion will fool the eye and make the walls seem higher than they are. You can also choose to forgo curtains entirely and instead treat them to be tinted. 

Go Without Curtains For A Change

Choosing to go without curtains in a small room could make a world of difference. By having a view of the outdoors that isn’t disrupted by curtains, your space will begin to feel bigger. It will also allow a lot of natural light into the room. 

If you are set on having curtains, you could also choose to change the type of fabric of your curtains. Use sheer fabric curtains as these will allow much natural light to filter through. Your eye will be drawn past the curtains and towards the light instead. 

More Curtain Options For A Small Space

If the sheer look isn’t your style and you also don’t want to have the ‘no’ curtain look, there is another option to have curtains but keep your room feeling larger than it is. When you buy your curtains, keep in mind the color you painted the walls. 

By choosing curtains that are in the same color family as your walls, it will make the room feel so much more cohesive, and because of this, it will seem bigger. Curtains can add a richness and depth to a room even if they are in neutral shades. 

Reflect On Your Room

An instant way to make a room look bigger is by adding mirrors. But, you need to be very strategic when you place these mirrors in the room. If you put them correctly, it could open up the space and transform it completely. 

The best positions for mirrors in a room are across from windows or door frames. When you walk into a room, it will appear that it goes on further than it does. Also, when you catch sight of the windows in the mirrors, it will be beautiful. 

Keep Your Mirrors Clean

Make sure that you are keeping your mirrors spotless thought as dirty and grimy mirrors can make the space feel small again as it won’t reflect the light from the windows like it would when these pieces of furniture were pleasant and clean. 

Apart from mirrors, there is another item of furniture that you can add to the walls to open up the space: a bookcase. Of course, freestanding bookcases are the easy option, but this isn’t what will make your room seem bigger.

Built-In Bookshelves Are Made For Smaller Rooms

This option may cost a bit more, but the result will definitely be worth it. By getting built-in bookshelves, your room really will look more prominent. The reason for this is that they will be recessed in your walls, which saves your floor space in a smaller home. 

Another tip for bookcases and using them to open up your space is to make sure that they do not gather too much clutter. Filling them with books is one thing, but unnecessary junk will ruin the overall effect of the room and the point of the bookshelves. 

Say Goodbye To Your TV Stand

If you want to save even more floor space, you need to consider where you are placing your TV. Television stands can be a wonderful piece of furniture to have, but when you are limited for space, this could be something you could do without. 

Instead of having a TV stand that takes up precious floor space, have it mounted on the wall. TV stands are generally quite large pieces of furniture, so this will open up some space to add some decor or even storage to the room.

De-Clutter Your Room To Make Space For Important Things

Clutter is the worst thing to have in small spaces, which is why you need to think carefully about your storage options in the room. Clutter will make the room feel smaller, and this is something that can quickly be resolved in your home. 

When picking out furniture, think about how they will serve you in the space. If you pick out an ottoman, make sure that it doubles up as a storage unit if it has a lid. You can also hire someone to build storage units into the room. 

A Bench To Provide Storage And Seating

By keeping the clutter at bay, your room will feel spacious, and you will enjoy the space a lot more too. You could even purchase a bench that you can store blankets, games, and other items that might fill up a room a bit too much. 

The bench will also be a great place for additional guests to sit without having to have chairs piled up in the corner of the room that takes up space that makes the room feel smaller. These simple changes to a place will change your home forever. 

Make Use Of Multi-Functional Pieces

Multi-functional pieces are the perfect things for small homes. You need to make your furniture work for you in the space. Don’t use items that are going to make it feel more modest, and that won’t serve a useful purpose. You need to be very conscious of this. 

To make the most out of small spaces, you need to choose items that can multitask. You probably think that pieces of furniture cannot do this, but they can. For example, choose a bathroom vanity that provides you with storage space underneath. 

To be continued...

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