Don't Sweat It! Here are a few tips to save on AC Costs

Dated: October 15 2020

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Summer is here. The heat is on. Follow these individual steps to help cut the costs of using your central air system during the summer.

Keep the doors and windows shut during the hottest hours:

It helps keep the hot air outside and the cool air inside.

Close registers (if applicable):

Do you have a spare bedroom that isn't being used? What about a storage room? If so, there is no need to pay to cool rooms that aren't being used.

Decrease sun exposure:

It's simple. The less sun/heat that enters your home, the less money that comes out of your pocket to remove it or to cool it. To minimize sunlight, use drapers or blinds to block sunlight.

Use fans:

When run in a counter-clockwise motion, ceiling fans help air circulate throughout the room. If used properly, ceiling fans can cool a room by up to 8 degrees.

Check seals:

As time passes, it’s important to re-caulk around windows to ensure that air can't escape. Make sure to patch up any seals around doors.

Use a programmable thermostat:

This allows you to set specific times to use the AC. For example, there's no reason for the AC to be on full blast during the day when you're at work (and nobody else is going to be in the house). If you work until 5 p.m., set the AC to turn on at 4 p.m. and you'll walk into a cool house after a hard day of work (while also saving money by not having it run all day)

Reconsider using your oven:

On extremely hot days, it might be a better option to barbecue rather than to heat your whole house due to oven use. In fact, you may want to consider barbecuing the week's meat on Sunday afternoon and then using the microwave to heat it up during the week. The other option is to go out to a restaurant, but watch your expenses.

Summer is a great time to enjoy the great out- doors. It's also the time that AC use spikes your electric bill. Follow the seven steps listed above and you'll find that your electric bills are hopefully much more manageable. 

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